Exciting BridgeYear Update

You know that famous marshmallow test on delayed gratification? Sometimes I think being an entrepreneur is like signing up for an endless marshmallow test. Since my last post, our interns have gone back to college, I returned to business school for my second year, and my co-founder started her Ph.D program in Higher Education. Our work on BridgeYear since the school year started has been largely research and reflection, a slow process without the energy of our summer interns or the urgency brought on by college enrollment deadlines.

I’m happy to announce today, however, that we are a little bit closer to tasting that marshmallow!

Recognizing that we needed a bit more structure and mentorship in this process, we applied for and were just accepted(!!) to 4.0 School’s Tiny Fellowship. This program is specifically designed for education entrepreneurs who are working on ventures in addition to their day jobs. Along with the coaching and network this fellowship provides, we will also be getting $10,000 in equity-free capital to reinvest back into testing further iterations of BridgeYear!

So, with all that, it’s time for the Project BridgeYear blog to be reignited! I’ll be posting soon about the doomed “Basics” of community college and about our recent redirection to include more workforce development ideas. Thanks, as always, for reading and for your support and encouragement!


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