A Huge Shoutout to the Dream Team

We’re back! After a mini summer vacation during which we left the entire BridgeYear operation to our eight wonderful interns, my cofounder and I are back in the game. We were thrilled to come back to a flurry of updates from the team:

  • Many of our students are now meeting their BridgeYear advisors at their respective college campuses – a conscious move away from meeting at high schools. BridgeYear advisors are coaching students through navigating transportation options to get to their college campuses even before their first day of classes so this is a routine students internalize on their own.
  • Our social media efforts have officially launched with the team producing several quality articles for community college students on this site and our corresponding social media sites.
  • After leveraging the team’s networks and contacts, we have several community college students that are prime candidates for our design thinking interviews. 
  • We have made headways in curating content and designing “1 pagers” for students to get a better navigate the steps to matriculation on their own.
  • Team Research & Development is performing site visits at various for-profit vocational institutions. Many of our students choose these institutions instead of their local community college in the summer after high school and we want to better understand the options students face for higher education.

Let me just take a minute to emphasize something here: BridgeYear was a just an idea before many of these young adults signed on to entrust their summer internships to us. These interns, all of whom just finished their first or second year in college, made so much happen in just the past few weeks. While I knew many of these young adults personally (having worked with them through their college application and matriculation processes), BridgeYear has been a humbling experience for me to 1) learn how to be a manager and 2) lead when I’m still unsure where we’re going myself.

So, as a token of my appreciation and as an acknowledgement to how much BridgeYear and the students we serve owe so much to the interns’ dedication, creativity, and persistence, I will be featuring each of the interns and their experiences in a blog post in the next 2 weeks. Keep reading to find out more about the team that has made BridgeYear happen!


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