Intern Onboarding: Presentations, Pre-mortems, and… Photos?

When you think about typical on-boarding events, you might imagine awkward icebreakers or company logistics like getting set up with work email or sessions on organizational charts and reporting structures. BridgeYear interns experienced all that this past Sunday and more – here are some highlights:


Team Leads each gave a short presentation on their team’s objectives and goals for the summer in a 10 Week Plan document. As an overview, these presentations allowed everyone to see how our work would fit together and how each team would support our overall goals of bridging the high school to college transition.


After discussing the importance of healthy and productive skepticism, interns performed a pre-mortem activity to identify concerns about BridgeYear as an advising program and as a summer internship. Their “Here lies BridgeYear” statements were powerful – and shed light on their most salient fears. BridgeYear might fail, many of them worried, if the advisor/student ratio got too large or if we pursued a “too big of a dream.” Others worried about their ability to navigate through the complicated processes at the college. Having these fears out in the open only makes it feel so much more real. There’s simultaneously so much at stake and so much to change.

IMG_3052And finally, to lighten the mood and to forge strong team culture through friendly (but still competitive) competition, we brought the team to Rice Village for lunch and an intense scavenger hunt challenge. Teams of 4 ran around the area to take photos to be replicated by the competing team. Photos had to have all 4 team members present and at least one identifying location clue (like a store name or sign). Check out this creativity and awesomeness!


The photo that almost got one group arrested… (They’re spelling “Chen” by the way)

Just excited for the journey ahead!

They were hungry…?

Yes, they asked someone to borrow their dog for the photo. Yes, it started pouring when the other team got to this one… and they’re using a photo of a dog on a phone. Points to both teams for creativity and dedication!

And finally, the picture that won “Most Creative” – can’t see all 4 team members? We thought so too… until we were told to “read between the lines.”


So honored and excited to work with such a fun and energetic group – if our start is any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for a blast!


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