Getting Ready for the Interns

In just 1 day, BridgeYear will officially become a team of 10 as we launch our Intern Welcome event tomorrow. All of our interns have just completed their first or second year of college and are working out of a town home for the next 10 weeks. Here’s a look at what’s to come:

The interns will each serve on two teams. Each team has an identified Team Lead who has been working to put together a 10 Week Plan of milestones for his/her group. Each team is responsible for various aspects of building out BridgeYear:

  • Team Advising are our front-line direct service providers who will be assisting students through the summer. Many from this team have been in communication with their students since April.
  • Team Curriculum are our content curators. They will anticipate Team Advising’s needs and provide multi-media resources for advisors and students. Stay tuned for student-friendly how-to guides!
  • Team Outreach are our marketing gurus. This team is focused on recruiting more students at the beginning of the summer and will also be developing our student-facing social media presence and marketing materials for other constituents.
  • Team R&D are our research and data folk. They will provide the team with summaries of best practices from other programs and ensure we are tracking the right data to prove our effectiveness by the end of the summer.
  • Team Innovation are our design thinking visionaries. After the entire intern team undergoes a training next weekend (so excited!), this team will pave the way by conducting in-depth user interviews, team brainstorming sessions, and prototyping various components of what may turn out to be future versions of BridgeYear.

The intern work schedule is flexible to meet both student and intern needs. Teams meet twice a week at headquarters and interns are free to work in the many comfortable workspaces on the floor (hopefully they’ll like the personalized shelves we’ve set up for them!). Interns can also work at home, at high school sites, or at community college campuses – wherever they need to be to fulfill their responsibilities.

All the supplies and inspiration necessary for a productive summer!

While we don’t have the funds to compensate interns, we will be providing small travel stipends as well as breakfast and lunch for when they are at headquarters. Check out our intern fridge and pantry area – soon to be fully stocked! (Yes, we took their suggestions… apparently cherry Jello and lots and lots of watermelon are the way to go…?)

Snacks anyone?

So there you have it! 8 undergrads, basically unsupervised, on a mission to try to get a handle on the elusive community college experience. I’ll admit, I’m more than a little nervous. But if it’s true that it’s the people (and not the process or the idea) that make or break any organization… then I know we’ll be just fine. We have an amazing crew coming in and I can’t wait to see all they accomplish.


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